Entwined.com April 15, 2009!

Love Story:

Kate & Leo met several times as their social circles overlapped. Though their attraction was instant, time would demand that they first find themselves ready to find their love. No amount of matchmaking would succeed to convince them, thay had to find out for themselves.

They finally crossed paths at the theatre one day where, as Leo puts it "Kate was the Cinderella come to life", "I could not forget how gracefully she moved, and providence had recently left me eligible." They started dating soon after and became an inseperable team. Many of you probably figured this was inevitable, thank's for being there!

"Leo is my perfect gentleman", says Kate, who did not hesitate when the big question popped up "he was just delightful" Kate recounts with a glee filled smile.


About: Kate

Kate Nelson

24 years old

I have admired the art of theatre since I was a wee lass. The roles I have played were an outlet for my many dimensions. I now understand my self enough to share without taking every little upset too seriously. I look forward to my new life with Leo.

Thank you for visiting our Wedding E-Album. I hope that here you will feel our personal touch, as we intended for you to feel intimately connected with us no matter the distance or distraction.


About: Leo

Leo Green

28 years old

This is our chance to thank you for attending, participating, helping, supporting and wishing us well. Here is our Engagment, Wedding Day and Honeymoon in one digestible package. Please enjoy! Stay in Touch.

as We will be in honeymoon then homemaker mode until september, sorry for the delay of our reply. We are happy that you could visit us here where we can relive it.